Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Next Best Thing to having your own Edward and Jacob!

Who hasn't heard of Twilight? It's virtually impossible to not have heard of the Stephanie Meyers Twilight series. I first wrote about reading the series back in Sept 08 not realizing even then how popular the books were! I didn't even realize at the time that they were classified as young adult books, I just fell-hook, line, and fang in love with the story. I recently went to see the New Moon movie with my daughter-in-love along with hubby and sons. I have to say I liked it much better then the first movie. But that's not why I'm posting....I just had to share with you a couple of links to the ultimate Twilight themed party a friend's daughter had. Not only was everything perfectly done, but the pictures had me literally laughing out loud...if your a Twilight fan check out the following blogs:

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