Monday, December 28, 2009

More gifts from the heart!

I wanted to share a special gift from the heart I received from my niece. She attends Notre Dame University and is in a glass club where she gets to make some cool glass projects. I am so honored to be given a mug from her that she etched using one of my whimsical character drawings that I made into a greeting card. Talk about a surprise! She made it into a line drawing and then painfully cut around all the little swirls and edges, so she could etch the design into the glass. How cool is that!

Below is the drawing she used to make my beloved mug!

Don't you just love gifts from

the heart, they're the best!

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  1. That is one very special coffee mug!
    I bet your reach for it everyday!!!
    Love it. Tell Katie she did real good!

  2. A mug filled with love and coffee, what a great way to start off every morning!

  3. Katie takes after her fabulous and talented Aunt Aileen. What a thoughtful gift. I know you will treasure it.