Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gifts from the Heart

I've been busy finishing up last min Christmas gifts.

I normally make fairy boxes, but instead I made this one a guardian angel box for my son's girlfriend. I used a picture of her playing with her mother on the beach. Her mother recently lost her battle to cancer. On the back of the box I printed up the following:
Your Guardian Angel
Everything is okay up here.
I may not be there with you,
but I’ll watch over you.I may
not be there to talk to you, but
I’ll watch over you.
Listen to me. Look for my signs.
For I am your guardian angel,
I will watch over you
with great care and love.

For my daughter in law I made a shadow box and put their wedding invitation along with one of their wedding favors (a bottle filled with pink sand and sea shells), a silk orchid branch, and a shell. To be able to get a decent picture I took it out of the black framed shadow box to take it. I then used photoshop to add a frame so this isn't the actual frame.

Last year hubby worked on a train he made for our son this year he's been making 2 more pieces to go with it. Click HERE to see last year's gifts from the heart.

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  1. What thoughtful and beautiful gifts!

  2. How sweet and such thought went into this. She will cherish it.

  3. How thoughtful, Aileen! They will both be very pleased. Merry Christmas!

  4. Lucky family Aileen! Awesome, meaningful gifts! You are a wonder!