Sunday, December 06, 2009

For the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan

If your looking for an original gift idea and or you know a big time Harry Potter fan, I've got the gift for you! Honestly, I don't think you even have to be a Harry Potter fan because this just looks like too fun! Which is why I had to share this with you after my son showed me! Curious? if so read the exert below that tells more about this unique gift.
"The Kymer Magic Wand is basically a universal remote control that is capable of learning up to 13 different infrared (IR) codes from your existing remotes and then replaying those codes when the spellcaster (OK, I got caught up in the moment, give me a break) makes any one of 13 different gestures. Among the gestures that the wand can recognize are rotate, left and right flicks, something called Big Swish, Push Forward and Pull Back. All are guaranteed to make you look like a complete tool when you are using them. According to the makers of the Kymera Magic Wand you can program any button on any remote control into one of the 13 slots. That mean you can have one gesture control volume up, the other volume down, the other channel up, the other…I think you get it.
So how does it work? Well, it’s magic, of course. No really, it’s your typical accelerometer technology that’s been found in
electronics all over the muggle world for years. What makes it different, and, some would argue, much better, is that it has been repackaged in a wand that has been skillfully covered in “luxurious, Chinese Brocade Upholstery” and wrapped up nicely for storage in a box resplendent in faux dragon hide – because the real stuff is just too damn expensive.Read: Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control [Go All Harry Potter on Your Television, Buttonless Remote, Uses Gestures To Activate Up to 13 Codes] » TFTS – Technology, Gadgets & Curiosities
You can do a search online for the "The Kymer Magic Wand" if you want to buy one I'm sure a slew of them will pull up.

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  1. I've collected all sorts of information around the Kymera Wand on the fansite at So if anyone is interested or is a proud owner and wants to share a review just come along. By closely working with the wandmakers, I'm first to publish any news, pictures, videos and more on this fantastic thing.

    Happy casting