Friday, November 20, 2009

Erosion Bundle Project

I'm participating in a creative challenge called
The Erosion Bundle Project. The idea was borrowed from Seth at the Altered Page.

The idea is to create small bundles out of whatever you like (paper, metal, cloth etc.) then hang, bury or submerge your bundles and watch mother nature have her way with them. The due date for hanging your bundles is Jan. 1, 2010. We have such mild winters here in California that I decided to get mine now so they could have longer out in the weather. We'll then take pictures of their progress along the way and remove them April 15th, 2010. Once we remove our bundles we'll have until August 2010 to finish art pieces using our eroded items.

If you'd like to particpate in this creative challenge pop over to The Erosion Bundle Blog, and leave Kris Henderson, the inspiration beyond this project, a post.

Below are pictures of my bundles. I'm hoping to create a few more using more metals so I can get some good grungy rusted metal. Click the pictures to read further explantion of my packages.

Erosion Bundle 1
pak1a pak1 finalwrappedpak
Erosion Bundle 2
pak2i pak2h pak2g
pak2f pak2e pak2d
pak2c pak2wrap pak2finalA


  1. Your bundles look great, Aileen, I can't wait to see how they turn out!!! I really like all of your ingredients!! is this possible...I see GREEN leaves on the branches, I do envy you living in that climate!!!

  2. Oh! ... I'm interested to see the results where the copper touches the anaglypta wallpaper! Wouldn't it be cool to see how that same bundle responds to the weather conditions here!? Perhaps I need to make up 2 identical bundles and send one to you .... maybe, just maybe.


  3. Very cool idea. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

    I hope you're feeling a lot better and continue to feel better.

  4. totally awesome! I put one of your bundles on the blog:

  5. I like these already!! Looking forward to seeing them in April.

  6. Sounds like lots of fun, spices add some interesting effects too, tumric turns a funky yellow color....uh oh my brain is going to over load any minute now.

  7. Interesting little bundle! I have some concerns about how mine will fare here in New England... can't wait to play around with metals and their affect on different papers and fabric. Fun to experiment! Deb

  8. Very cool idea. I?m not sure I have the patience to let my bundle sit for five whole months; but I'll give it a try.

    Your elements are lovely!

  9. You used Cayenne pepper frequently. What effect do you expect this spice to have on the materials?? I'm concerned about the weatherability (word?) of packet #2 since it's wrapped in newspaper and newspaper disintegrates quickly when wet.

    Fascinating concept. Too bad you didn't have some iron filings to sprinkle in between the layers!

    Regards & thanks for the inspiration,
    Carol Westover
    tehachap@ yahoo . com

  10. great fun and have joined in too !!

  11. GREAT Bundles!
    I'm in and looking forward to seeing everyone's bundles when we open them on April 15th.

  12. what fun & can't wait to see the results

  13. Good for you. I want to do another one too. This is fun.