Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Postcards

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What a nice surprise to have Herm & Ethel (click HERE for past Herm & Ethel Pics) show up yesterday! We figured they weren't going to come for a visit this year since we expected them sooner! As always they love to pop in and surprise us! We plied them with plenty of food and Spirits (as you can see they can use a bit of fattenin' up), while they regaled us with their past year's travel adventures! Once
again they were gracious enough to pose while we snapped a picture of them

They were very impressed with Morgan's pumpkin that weighs over 200lbs! (no he didn't grow this one, but hopes to grow his own gigantic pumpkin next year with the seeds).
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  1. Love Herm and Ethel. And, I love the giant pumpkin.

  2. just love these...many thanks !!

  3. These are great, thanks so much for offering them!

  4. Wow! So many fabulous ideas always!