Monday, July 27, 2009

How to Rejuvenate Your Art Muse!

It feels sooooo good to do some drawing again!
I've been feeling out of sync or scattered with my art. Between kids home for the summer, the blasted heat, and hubby's schedule changing this time of year. I've had a hard time getting motivated. A great fix for me to get me recharged and inspired is going to the bookstore and look through the magazines and books that are out.....I'm beyond having to buy each and every book or magazine. I'm now at a point where I can browse through them and feel myself-page by page recharging my art battery if you starts in my core and begins to radiate out where the excitement builds and the energy gets strong (probably not unlike what Wonder Woman feels, I'm sure!). Then I have to race home and create something, anything! I can feel the power surge from my finger tips like lightening as I begin to draw and create!
I am an artist hear me roar!
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  1. You are Wonder Artist! I totally relate to the need to create after not doing so for a while because real life keeps rearing its ugly head.


  2. I agree with Joanne - you are a Wonder Artist! This drawing is very lovely - calming and fun at the same time!