Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tie-Dyed Deli Paper Backgrounds

Example 1.
Example 2.
Example 3.
Here are a few tie-dyed deli paper backgrounds I made the other day using my Color Mists. I had originally taken photos of my step by step process to show you, but my photo card bit the dust and I lost all the pics I took *sniff*
Example 1. I folded into a squares over and over again and then sprayed some Color Mists into a small plastic container and dip the edges in and then used a pipette to add color where it didn’t soak in. Example 2. I folded into triangles until it was completely folded small and dipped once again and then used the pipettes to add color as needed. Example 3. I gathered the deli paper into the middle and twisted until it was a completely twisted like twisty paper, and then applied the Color Mist with the pipette in sections. With all of them I used a heat gun to dry as I slowly unfolded them little by little…if some areas weren’t saturated enough I used the pipette to apply more color. Once the deli paper was completely dried I used chunky foam stamps and white gesso to stamp onto the deli paper.
After, I scanned each background into my computer and created fractal backgrounds using Paint Shop Pro.

Download free fractal backgrounds HERE


  1. You are a very generous and talented artist.

  2. Each of these backgrounds is lovely! Thank you for the tutorial AND the freebie downloads!

  3. Aileen these are WOnderful! Reminds me of summer camp! Thanks for your wonderful generosity! I've been playing with your color mists and haven't found ANYTHING that they aren't the absolute BOMB on- they ROCK! I've tried fabric, watercolor paper, journal pages book pages, wood, polymer clay- you name it- they are fantastic! (My hubby says he has to keep moving not to get misted!

  4. These backgrounds are fabulous. How on earth do you think of these things? I know, you have a chip implant, don't you?

  5. These are very cool, Eileen!!! Thanks so much!!!

  6. thanks so much..the tutorial is great and the free downloads are fabulous. you are so generous with your art!!

  7. What a great technique, Aileen. Thanks for sharing the details.

    Sometimes I feel so clueless - what is deli paper? I clicked on it but only got a blank page.

  8. Hey Aileen, If I want to use a Color Misted deli paper (or any color misted paper) in collage, what's a good way to set/seal the ink before I collage? I tend to smear a lot when I'm collaging and sometimes it ends up making a happy accident, but not always! Thanks!

    1. Hi Tracey, you can use a spray sealer. I use PYM II for mine its very fast drying and not heavy. Here's a link: