Saturday, May 02, 2009

Crowned & Proud

Wow, I've been Awe-Summmly crowned! My very own sparklie crown that twinkles
by none other then The Creative Queen herself! (Please check out her site and see her wonderful eye candy, and win some woot loot while your there!)

I am humbled as I accept this royally Awe-Summm crown....I would curtsy, but last time I tried I fell and couldn't get up! So here's the catch official royal acceptance guidelines:

List 7 things that make you Awe-Summ
and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love.

  1. I am Awe-Summ at making a mess of my work area!
  2. I am Awe-Summ at altering/re purposing found objects.
  3. I am Awe-Summ at sharing with others
  4. I am Awe-Summ at that which can be put off until tomorrow!
  5. I am Awe-Summ at remembering facts about movies and TV shows.
  6. I am Awe-Summ at having multiple projects going at once.
  7. I am an Awe-Summ loyal and caring friend.

And now I pass this royal award on to the following kewl & Kreative bloggers who inspire me! Without further ado here they are in alphabetical order:

ArtfulLife- Summer Swanson

Ad Libitum-Joanne Thieme Huffman

Bella Sinclair Doodlespot

Flying Colors Lisa Rivas

Karen's Musings

Madge The Impatient Crafter

Time with Tascha

Happy Creating!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for giving me a crown, Aileen. I'll tell my husband that he now has to wait on me hand and foot. Do you think he'll fall for it? LOL Also, thank you for inspiring me over and over again.


  2. Oh I love this! Thank you. You know how I love to wear a tiara!


  3. Thank you, Aileen for the sparkle crown (oohh, something shiny...). You forgot to mention that you are an awe-summly generous artist who inspires her blogging friends.


  4. You are AWE-SUMM and certainly deserve this..congratulations!!
    SO SPARKELY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. HAHAHAHA! Oh, you weren't kidding! It really sparkles -- how cool is THAT?! Thank you so much for this award, Aileen. You truly are awe-summ in every way, and your list ROCKS!