Friday, April 17, 2009

Wonky Turtle Fairy!

Eolanda The Turtle Fairy

I'm pretty excited about my first attempt at drawing a fairy like this. Even though her leg is a bit wonky like it's made of rubber or something, and the wings turned out to look more like they're part turtle shell LOL I'm liking her :-)

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  1. I love her! the outfit, the flower, even the have the facial features down pat now and of course always could do the hair....the "rubber" leg...well, it just adds more whimsy...
    I think you have really progressed.

  2. A delightful fairy - and her "turtle" wings look very organic.


  3. I just love all of the wonderful, whimsical drawings that you've done lately! Maeve the Mermaid is my fave - you did great with the hands and I like her little butt-crack and her expression is adorable! It's great to see each new character and their fun expressions and details!