Sunday, April 26, 2009

Practicing Drawing

I drew my latest 3 whimsical drawings last night and finished them up this morning. It really does come easier the more I draw.....there was a time when each pencil stroke was hard not knowing what to draw or being afraid to try to draw something like hands....I still don't love drawing those but I'm developing a style that I'm comfortable with. Two things that helped me were looking at magazines, books and catalogs. Then using them to practice drawing. Also having the right tools that work for YOU. Different people will have suggestions, but ultimately you need to try different tools until you find the ones that work for you...that goes for products as well!
I've found a plain ole mechanical pencil with a nice eraser works the best for me. Along with the Prisma Color art pens. The other thing that helped me was being given permission to erase...yep I know it sounds silly but it's true....its okay to erase and re draw something! :-)
DRAW! :-)



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  1. I just love these...they are so cute!!

  2. You've unleased the drawing maniac within! Love these...the colors are great. Draw me! Draw me!!!!
    If you draw me, I will draw you :)

  3. delightful drawings (as always). Isn't it amazing what we have to give urselves permission for?