Thursday, April 23, 2009

A trail of Pictures!

Here’s some fun pictures I took today! All of my flowers are in full bloom since it’s been so hot. The technical name for these flowers are Carpobrotus spp. aka Pig Face, but I’ve always just known them as Ice Plants. They’re very common along our California highways and along the coast due to the fact they grow well warm sandy areas where water is limited. I love how vibrant they are. At night mine close up and then they re open when the sun shines on them. Aren’t they beautiful!iceplant


This week must be my special week because I was gifted not once but twice by two of my very kind and dear friends! Yesterday I received a box full of fun shells, a very cool seed pod, drift wood, and a whimsical mermaid, how cool is that!

Then today a big box arrived and I opened it and was thoroughly surprised to discover the coolest pillow ever inside! I feel so spoiled!! Doesn’t it look awesome on my porch swing! I immediately sealed it with PYM II so it wouldn’t fade or get ruined sitting out there with the sun and the weather. The fabric took the PYM very well and doesn’t feel stiff at all!


BIG THANK YOUS to my two very generous friends!

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  1. How comfy your porch swing looks with the new pillow. And, your mermaid looks very happy amongst the shells.