Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bottle Cap Mother's Day/Teacher Magnet Gift Set

I finally found something to do with all the drink coasters I've borrowed collected over the years, not to mention the bottle caps and those glass half marbles I was gonna use one day!
Click HERE to view my step by step Bottle Cap Project.

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  1. Love your ATC! And that bottle cap project is a great one! For Easter, my sister made and gave me something similar, except it had push pins made from buttons instead of magnets.


  2. That is just terrific!!!!! I think I'll toddle on down to Home Depot to get some of that Magnetic paint. I happen to have a pile of drink coasters right here at my computer desk from OutBack! LOL!!! For Mom's Day, it would be fun to have little magnets of the grandkids! Wooo Hoo!! A project for Mother's Day in April! Will wonders never cease!
    Thanks for the awesome tut and idea!

  3. That is really neat! I love it. I have lots of old bottle caps but no coasters. i could get some! LOL. I always love your work! Thank you for sharing it. HUGS