Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Product Shout-Out!

I'm sure you've heard me mention PYM II before, and I admit I never tire of letting people know about this product I love it so much! I even have hubby sold lock, stock, and barrel on this awesome product! I don't embrace a product easily, but once I do I'm sold! I use PYM II on all my art pieces, along with everything around the house and especially outside items like my hand-painted mailbox. I recently used it on an outdoor flag so it wouldn't fade!

Right now the wonderful folks over at Precision-Blue has a show special going on for the month of March $16.95 $14.95 12 0z. and 6 0z. 11.95 $8.95. **Free shipping on 4 or more cans

Here's some of the reasons I love it:

  • UV protects your projects! (this is a biggie for me) I have a mailbox and some brightly colored out door metal wall geckos that after 2 years in direct sunshine still look brand new
  • Dries Fast as lightening 2-3 mins. to touch!
  • Doesn't have a strong or lasting chemical smell-it does have a perfume smell but dissipates very quickly and doesn't last.
  • Seals and protects against moisture.

Check out their website and read more about it and watch their demos!


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  1. Ack! I've been asking you about PYMII for how long now? Ever since you first started mentioning it a couple of years ago??

    So I finally ordered some a couple of weeks ago - and *now* it goes on sale. Figures. lol I haven't tried it yet - but I can't wait to!


  2. Thanks for this information. I just ordered 4 cans!!! I'll bet they make wonderful birthday gifts. LOL