Friday, March 13, 2009

Swap Announcement.

I'm looking for a few good swappers! 8 to be exact to participate in an altered tic-tac-toe board swap. One player for each square on the tic-tac-toe board. This will be a rapid swap 2 weeks between mailings. You can use your own tic-tac-toe board or purchase one through me at
Outside The Margins.
If your interested email me at and put SWAP in the subject line. The sign-up deadline is March 28th. If I get enough people interested for two groups I'll be happy to host two groups.

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  1. There are nine squares or a you counting your self as the ninth?Just wondering...Do we do a whole board or send individual squares or the whole board and squares done to you? Hugs,Ina

  2. Hi Ina :-)
    Yes I'm counting myself. I figured each person can start their own board paint it etc and then each person would add to the square as per the person's theme they picked....does that make sense?