Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beyond the Bead Review

I had the opportunity to pick up a new book this weekend at the bookstore: Beyond the Bead By Margot Potter. I really enjoyed the projects she offers they have good clear pictures and concise directions as does all her books. Although some of the projects may not be new to some of you that doesn't matter we all need to be reminded and inspired to use some of those supplies we've have sitting around that we forgot we have. What I love about Margot's books is that she has a talent for thinking outside the box she has a great eclectic whimsical style. I also appreciate the fact that it is her work in her books and they are not comprised of other artists work.
Check out Margot's blog the Impatient Crafter TM and get a sneak peek at one of the projects she offers in her book.

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  1. Hi Aileen

    Google Alerts led me here to your lovely review! Thank you!

    This book got pushed back a few times, which means I'd probably have added or deleted a few concepts had I that opportunity, but even so I'm truly happy with how it turned out. It's Mixed Media 101. For the 'Average Jane' who hasn't seen this stuff or had a real feeling for what it is.

    I've been moving in this direction since my second book-only I didn't have a name for it until I discovered mixed media!

    Here's to never being bored! Thanks for always having such great toys with which to play!


  2. I had fun poking around your blog. I always learn something new!