Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Are the best, aren't they!
It's not always easy, but we try to make some homemade Christmas gifts each year for friends and family. Since hubby likes to brew his own Ale and Beer, he decided to try his hand at making a batch of honey Mead for us to give as gifts this season, and boy did it turn out tasty!
(Click HERE to read more about Mead).

Now that it's bottled I needed to make
a label for the bottles and some tags
(I'm still working on the tags).
Here's the finished label, which I will also be
entering in the fair, along with hubby's
mead, this summer.
Don't the bottles look pretty with their
labels? All that's left is to add their tags
and ribbon and they'll be good to go!
Does anyone know of a good
snack recipe to go with the Mead?

Here's the original label I made and then decided to remake it. I'm really happy I did, I love the finished one much better!

If you haven't tasted mead and like the flavor of honey I highly recommend checking online or with your local liquor store and trying some, it's quite yummy!

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  1. Thanks there for such beautiful Christmas gift ideas.

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  2. awesome idea and I like the label. I think I will have to try this brew! My wife likes these homemade candles. I have one in my office. Homemade stuff is the best. She gets them from:

    Now I have to go buy some beer and it is only 10:00 am :)

  3. Gorgeous label and I bet that Mead is pretty awesome. Wish I could taste it. They bottles look so pretty all decked out with their tag and ribbon.