Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Blog Buddies!
Here's a new digi piece I created. I used one of my past freebie images.
We're off to pick up the middle son from College not that its all that far, but he's been calling since last night eager to get response was "Patience grasshopper!" LOL

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  1. Thanks for the great freebie images.
    I love to collect them. I don't use many but I like knowing I have them if I need them and often they inspire me to do a project.

  2. Very cool digi-card. And, how nice that your son is eager to get home to spend Christmas with you.


  3. I love your use of colour in this piece. the lime green and orange say christmas a while new way! Also really cool how you combined a vintage image with contemporary graphics. I can see this packaged and sold in boxes at Papyrus - or you know, on your site!


  4. The chocolate color made the card. Very nice.
    Also, thank you for a wonderful site. I visit all the
    time. I have used the freebies, and I thank you for
    that. And for the links to techniques and other
    wonderful sites. "Digi" was a new term for me.
    I can wait to say it to someone. Thanks for that too.
    Ya just never know, Aileen! Happy Holidays~