Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Story

One of our Christmas traditions is to watch various Christmas movies we love. A favorite of ours is A Christmas Story . Last year I discovered that there are still people out there that haven't watched it for whatever reason, so here I am to help spread the weirdness word! Check your TV listings TBS starts running it today on TV.

The Plot: Ralphie, a young boy growing up in the '40's, dreams of owning a Red Rider BB gun. He sets out to convince the world this is the perfect gift. But along the way, he runs into opposition from his parents, his teacher, and even good 'ol Santa Claus himself.

Here's one of my favorite scenes:

Check out Ralphie's house it's been restored, if you live near Ohio you can go visit it out yourself HERE
And for those of you familiar with the movie here is a You Tube with some great quotes from the movie our family tends to use them year round.
And for my Jewish friends here's a fun video by Brandon Walker that I was introduced to last year.

In honor of Hanukkah (Hebrew: חנוכה‎, IPA: ['χanuka], alt. Chanukah) which began on December 21st. If your like me and like to learn more about other cultures and religions click HERE.

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