Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cherished Moments

One of my most cherished pictures
of my boys is the picture above taken in 1993.

Here they are in 2008 opening matching
plaid PJs I got them as a joke of sorts
though secretly I really did want
another picture of them wearing them!

Here they are doing the
Captain Morgan stance
while modeling them LOL

They sure were good
sports about it for me :-)

(click the images to enlarge them)

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  1. Oh Aileen! That is such a great group of photos :)

  2. Aileen,
    I never knew you had 3 kids....I thought only 2??? Great photos Aileen!
    Jane W from the atc group

  3. Good lookin' brood there, Aileen! Love the plaid jammies! :-) Di ;)

  4. Handsome!
    My mom always got us matching pjs to wear to bed on Christmas Eve. It was torture! lol

  5. The pajama tradition lives on! Great photos.


  6. What a wonderful tradition and what fabulous photos! How amazing that they have grown up so quickly - each one is so handsome! I am shocked at how much Baby "M" has grown - I would not have recognized him!
    Each of y'all will cherish this new set of photos for years to come!
    I also like the interesting items on your mantel! I had that very same lunchbox and thermos when I was in first grade back in 1953! Cool memories!