Saturday, November 01, 2008

Anatomy of a Book Review

You all know that excitement when you order a new art book and you're eagerly awaiting it's arrival short of stalking the mail person. The day finally arrives when the mail person delivers your package and the excitement is almost too much to bear and you daintily rip and tear open the box! What do you mean you don't do this?!?

As I've acquired so many books I've found that I've become much more selective then when I first started out. I usually try to look through the books I want at the bookstore first and then decide, but most times our local bookstore doesn't get the newest books in for quite awhile. If my withdrawals are too much, and I need a fix I'll give in and order after reading book reviews online (this helps some, but not totally since we're each look for something different in a book).

I'm usually left with one of the following feelings after reading a book:

1. I'm thrilled and think this is a keeper! It not only gives me great eye candy, but actual techniques, steps and projects! Its definitely a keeper and I'll put it on my shelf to use it as a reference book.

2. It's a nice book, BUT it's not what I had hoped. I put this in the category of it would be a great check out of the library book, but not one that I feel the need to keep on my shelf.

3. Disappointment, why did I spend the money. Thankfully this doesn't happen often.

So with all that said I received two books in the mail this week. I excitedly thumbed through them quickly and then set them down until I had more time when I could sit down with my favorite warm drink and peruse, drool and read through each of the books and really savor them! See my take on each of the books below:

Taking Flight: Inspiration And Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings by by Kelly Rae Roberts (Author)--I love this book and find it very inspiring, with great how tos and tips along with eye candy. Its definitely one that will go on my shelf and I'll use as reference and as inspiration book.

Mixed-Media Self-Portraits: Inspiration & Techniques
Cate Coulacos Prato (Author) -This one was nice eye candy from various artists but was a bit disappointing for me. I was hoping for more techniques then pictures of projects by other artists. It would be a great check out of the library book in my opinion.

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  1. I bought Taking Flight last week and am glad I did. I always enjoy reading what others think of books.


  2. Girlfriend you are so bang on! EXACTLY what I felt from both books! You are so right about each of us requiring something different from books too. (I do think like minded people tend to travel in the same circles a bit more, and I can take their reccommendations with a bit more weight tho-) ((That's why I visit your site so often! I know I trust your judgement and I love your style!))

    I took a chand and had pre-ordered Kelly Rae's book and it already has smudges on it from being used as "refrence!"