Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick Christmas Gift Idea



Here's simple & quick Christmas gift idea I

created using the following items:

I used a large size rub-on image I had for the front of the necklace (make sure that the rub-on you use is a sticky one,use a brand you know to work well for you--I used a Rebecca Sower rub-on that came in a tin). I then removed the excess rub-on after smoothing around the edge of the medallion. Next I added chalk inks to the sides and the back (instead of chalk inks you can use paints, glazes, watercolors and pigment inks). I then made a puddle of the gold leafing paint on some acetate slide my rubber stamp through the paint and stamped onto the back side of the medallion. To finish it off I adhered a brass face using Crystal Lacquer and then sprayed it with PYM II to seal it and hung it from a piece of leather lacing (you can find this at most craft and bead stores).

*Alternative ideas decorating your bisque shapes*

  • Paint with Acrylic paints
  • Collage an image using gel medium or lament adhesive such as Crystal Lacquer
  • Emboss using a rubber stamp image, embossing ink and embossing powder

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  1. Very cool idea. And, as always, very clear directions.