Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bathrooms are overrated...


Ah there is light at the end of the, I mean  in the bathroom is more like it! Yes, the bathroom remodel is near completion if you ignore the fact that the toilet and sink aren't back in yet....minor details right? a functioning bathroom is overrated I'm sure!  Working on an old house is like a box of never know what your gonna get once you tear into it! LOL I know those of you who have ever owned an old house know exactly what I'm talking about...Yep, I see you nodding your heads out there ;-)    Son number 1 is going back home now after coming up to help us out and hubby will finish up the rest. It will be nice to have two bathrooms again!

How does this all relate to art....? well heck the bathroom job alone was quite creative...ohh that doesn't count, eh well I did work on some small projects amidst the chaos.  I made an address book out of the mini canvas journals I've started carrying at OTM.  It's a gift for a friend and  would make great gift ideas for teachers, friends and secret sisters!

I also discovered a new favorite product! Absorbent Grounds (white) by Golden's.  I'm not sure what other brands are out there, but I bought my jar from Michael's using their 40 percent off coupon.  I spread some on a mini canvas journal with a palette knife and then used a plastic "thingy" (how's that for technical terminology LOL), that I found which had small holes drilled in it... I basically smooshed it into the absorbent grounds and lifted it back up just to create some texture. The absorbent grounds has the consistency of frosting to me.

What I loved about the absorbent grounds is that my Color Mists worked awesomely over the absorbent grounds which for me leaves me with endless creative possibilities! 

For some reason I had such a hard time getting a un blurry picture so bare with me on the quality of the photos.

addrbk addrbkfrt
 Inside Front-I added a pocket and tabs dividing up the alphabet.
The backside--I misted with Color Mists directly onto the canvas journal


  1. great idea, cool gift item. And, *sigh* thanks for the reminder that it's time to start thinking about making those gifts.


  2. Sorry to hear you've had bathroom headaches but so glad that things are falling into place! Yay for son's help!
    Love your address book - very clever and fun!

  3. I've never heard of Absorbent Grounds before. Thanks for the tip! Cheers, Trish G.