Sunday, September 07, 2008

The spell has been broken!

Omygosh! my art dry spell has been broken WHOOHOO!! I feel so freed....Yes, I know it may not last (shh!!) but the feeling of actually creating something again was liberating! I was beginning to feel like a thirsty person crawling across the desert in search of water! Try as I might I'd sit at my work area and attempt various pieces, but I couldn't get myself to go further to completion Arrrgg! talk about frustrating AND feeling like part of me was missing!! I love creating Halloween pieces it seems to be the perfect no fail motivator for me. I think we probably all have something that can instantly get our creative juices churning...what's yours?
Here's a Halloween card (This may not be a complicated piece but it definitely was a fun pieces to create) and new Halloween 2 and Day of the Dead college sheets I created below:

Supplies Used
  • Card stock or background paper
  • Images (I used an images from my Halloween 2 Collage Sheet and wording)
  • Label Bracket (II used one of the label brackets I have and colored it with a Gold Leafing pen to change the color.
  • Gaffer's Tape (I found this locally from 7 Gypsies but this can be optional or you can use ribbon.)
  • Dimensional Adhesive (such as Diamond Glaze, or Crystal Lacquer)
  • Gold Leafing Pen
There's not much to explaining this piece other then I layered the image I used with left over card stock and colored the pumpkin eyes with watercolor pencils. I then added some dimensional adhesive over the coloring on the eyes, nose and mouth to give it some depth. I also added the witches hat from the collage sheet. The mask I applied dimensional adhesive to and then sprinkled lightly with the glitter dust. The label brackets as I mentioned were not the color that I wanted so I colored them with a gold leafing pen and added it to the card with the wording behind it. The gaffer's tape was cut in half and folded over around each side of the card.

5 Collage Sheet Special!
I thought I'd spread my excitement by offering a 5 college sheet special. The top two college sheets are new and the bottom two are ones I've already had.
  • 3 Halloween Themed Sheets
  • 1 Gypsy Themed Sheet
  • 1 Day of the Dead Sheet
Click HERE to order 
the 4 sheet special

Happy Creating!


  1. I would say your dry spell has vanished. You've been busy. Wonderful work.

  2. Your Halloween piece is wonderful! Can it really be almost that time of year already??!!

  3. How cool that such a cool piece got your creative juices flowing. Your collage sheets look great and, as always, your instructions are clear and fun.

    Joanne, who is not ready for Halloween yet