Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gifts of Hope

Kris and I created this altered birdcage for the doll to
hold in her hands for the Ties That Bind Project.
I finished my altered tie for the Ties That Bind Project to benefit ovarian cancer. It started out as a tan stripped tie and I colored it with Tahoe Turquoise and Platinum White Color Mists. Paper flowers colored again with the Color Mists and added the ribbon and foil butterfly. I had to laugh at myself because we're only suppose to decorate 8 inches of the tie and by the time I was done my 8 inches grew to 12 inches LOL I guess I got carried away and ended up having to make adjustments...whoops!

The message on the butterfly just in case you can't read it is Ovarian Cancer's slogan which really put things in to perspective for me on how silent this type of cancer is and gets easily missed.

Ovarian Cancer; it whispers, listen.

Please click the Ties that Bind Link to read more about the symptoms:

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  1. Your tie is lovely - so YOU! I also like the birdcage - very nice!

  2. The birdcage is such a great thing for the doll to hold - beautiful and symbolic of holding hope while opening the door to freedom. The tie is enchanting.


  3. Your tie is stunning, and the birdcage is very inspiring.