Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where Has All My Art Time Gone...

:::insert singing:::: ~Where has all my art time gonnnnneee.....~ that was my beautiful lame attempt at singing! Don't worry I promise not to take up Karaoking anytime soon LOL Hopefully after we get one boy off to college and the other back in School, I'll find my art time again!

In the mean time Check out what my hubby and the youngest son decided to take pictures of while they were transplanting some roses....boys will be boys! LOL
Introducing Snaily!

I put together some postcards I made for you from pictures of snaily and of the fairies in my garden. Click HERE to download them and save them to your computer and send to a friend.


  1. have snails big enough and bright enough to ride skateboards? He must be eating well in your garden!


  2. I see your snails are eating well too. Mine have worn out both skateboards this summer. Boy do they eat well. Thanks for the postcards. They are great.


  3. Thanks for the postcards Aileen - even though I don't like snails, I must admit snaily is pretty cute!

  4. These cards are hysterical! What a great image. Hope you find your art time. I have time but not much inspiration lately.