Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home From China!

Ah the prodigal son returneth!
Sorry for the delay in posting. I received a lot of emails asking if Spencer made it home safe and sound. I'm happy to report that he did indeed, and it's good to have him home and to hear all his stories. He arrived home tired but happy. He didn't think he'd have jet lag but it caught up to him and has slept the last few days in between eating LOL the one thing he missed the most was milk since he's a very BIG milk drinker! I guess the milk there left a lot to be desired. I had people ask if he really did eat the previously mentioned items.....sadly yes he did! LOL

When we asked him what was his favorite memory his reply was EVERYTHING! He loved every experience and memory and has taken lot of pictures and promises us a presentation soon!


  1. So glad he arrived home safely. I bet you were grinning ear to ear. You should get him to write down some of his most interesting stories. I can't wait to see some of his pictures.

  2. I've had Spencer on my mind the last couple of days. I'm glad to see that he is home safe, sound and happy. However, I suggest you take him to vet asasp and him wormed. I'm sure he'll need it after what he ate.LOL

  3. It must be a relief to have him home safe and sound. I bet he has lots of great spories AND photos.


  4. I am so glad that Spencer is home safe and sound and I really look forward to hearing/seeing any and all comments/stories/photos of his incredible adventure!
    I wish him the very best as he journeys on to the collegiate world!

  5. I'm glad he's home safe and sound. I imagine he has memories that will last the rest of his life.