Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goodbyes and Hello!

We said our goodbyes last weekend to Spencer as we dropped him off at college. I'm proud to say there weren't any tears from least until the next day :-) but I'm fine now and adjusting to not having him here.
School also started for Mr. Morgan so Hellooooo art time! I squeezed in some small increments of creative time and managed do another painting. The mermaids were calling to me again, so here's another mermaid painting. I used cold press watercolor paper and a mixture of Chalk inks and my Color Mists for the background. I then sketched out my drawing and filled it in first with gesso and then once it was dry I used gouache paints and once it dries which is quick I add detail with the pastel sailor pens. I love using these pens they really make things pop!


  1. Love your mermaids and this is no exception! Enjoy your art time; empty nests are double edged (loss of child's company, gain of art time).


  2. You know Aileen it's still hard for me to imagine that the visit before last your son was a boy and the last time (only 2 years) he was a young man.
    I must be getting old!!!
    Jane from NY

  3. Your mermaid is adorable!! She reminds me of of myself.... Short and stalky.... OH WAIT, that would mean I think I'm adorable?!
    UM.... ok... well, let's just say I'm short and stalky... but I don't think I'm adorable. LOL

    Congrats and miseries on the empty nest..... Talking from experience... you get used to it quickly....

    Mary Lou

  4. Hi Aileen!
    Your newest mermaid has a look on her face that just makes me smile!!! What a sweetie!!!! I LOVE her!!!!

  5. Oh Golly. Where does time go? That is Spencer???? Holly Hannah.

  6. Just think of all the fun you'll have thinking up awesome care packages to send him! (He'll be the most envied kid in the dorm!)

    Your mermaid is so sweet! Hmm could that meloncholy be spurring your fabulous art?

  7. Great pictures. I hope you both are coping well with your new lives. Your niece has a very special aunt.

  8. Great new mermaid art! Love her dazzling merm-suit and her jazzy jewelry. The seahorse is adorable!
    You're getting closer to an empty nest - I hope everyone is adjusting - I'm sending hugs!