Sunday, August 03, 2008

China Update #2

No more word yet from Spencer in China, but we do know they had a big rehearsal on Friday. Rehearsals were done in sectionals, Red Orchestra (USA) and Green Orchestra (Australia, Guam, Japan) by themselves, and they also performed all together (2008 musicians) for the Olympic Cultural Committee (seated in the white chairs). If you enlarge the picture you can get a better idea of just how BIG a group this is WOW!

Sunday Aug. 3rd (our Saturday if your in the states), they made international news performing at Tiananmen Square. We heard it took 30 buses to transport them all! Thanks to one of the Modesto High school chaperons, there's a blog started along with pictures and videos of them preforming (Isn't technology awesome!) on a flickr site. Of course we scrutinized each and every picture and videos, as if we were searching a Where's Waldo book LOL and finally hit pay dirt! We recognized him by his nose!! Yep, that was our Spencer! (see the picture below with an arrow above his head).

After looking through all the videos this one is my favorite! I love how the front line kneels down so the drumline can be seen At the end you can really hear the horns playing!


  1. wow!! Aileen that video is so cool! and YAY! on the spencer sighting.that is so exciting~ i always get so choked up...i guess since i am a mom too..i can feel the excitement and pride that you must wow!

  2. waaay cool, Aileen! I enjoyed the video and the photo is neat. This is such an adventure for Spencer and you must be so proud!


  3. OMG Aileen! That is soooooo fricken cool!!! This is soooo exciting! Can't wait to see him in action on TV. Ya know I'm gonna tivo it so I can rewatch till I spot him. You must be just beaming! Sooooo very, very cool!


  4. Aileen, this is sooooooo cool. I agree with Angela, about getting choked up and I'm not even a Mom to any two legged kiddies!

  5. Now THAT is exciting!!!!!!
    Yahooooooooooo for Spencer :)

  6. Oh WOW....!!! Great sound, great entertainment...great life time experience!
    Loved the arrow over Spencer's head...

  7. I am so enjoying your Spencer updates. I would love to know what he is thinking of all of this. Loved the video. Thanks so much for sharing the excitement with all of us.

  8. loving the video and updates Aileen. It looks so exciting. I think the opening ceremony is going to be GREAT. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Makes it seem so much more personal now that we "know " someone in it.

  9. How amazing!! It's wonderful that the whole world can enjoy these talented musicians via the internet! I am just bursting with pride seeing Spencer and getting to hear them play!! Awesome!