Monday, July 28, 2008

Off to China...

ch4Nope not me, but my son is China bound. We said our goodbyes today as he ventured off on a trip of a life time! He's on his way to China to play his trumpet in the Olympic Orchestra.

Yep, I'm sure you guessed, I'm both nervous and
excited for him!

The Olympic Orchestra will encompass 2008 musicians from 40 countries, the "B 2008 OO" has as a goal to support the Beijing Olympics goal theme of "One World, One Dream" and "Green and Human Olympics".


The Beijing 2008 Olympic Orchestra is comprised of three core units - the RED Orchestra (Americas), GREEN Orchestra (Pacific/Islands) and the GOLD Orchestra (China). Members of these three units will join together to form the Beijing 2008 Olympic Orchestra.

The entity will perform together over the course of the two week performance run, also as three representative "hub orchestras" distinct in artistic flavor. Each hub also has superb, award winning delegations which will also have a chance to perform as their own performing troupe. In the case of the Americans, the "first choice" delegation represents the best in instrumental music programs of the American high school system.

They just found out before they left that The Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (BOCOG) Cultural Division has determined that the Beijing 2008 Olympic Orchestra will perform in Tiananmen Square as part of the China/International Olympic Committee (IOC) Cultural Celebration at the Olympics along with their other venues.

They are the first and only foreign group to ever gain permission to perform in Tiananmen Square.

The invitation is much like that given to the "Three Tenors" five years ago when they were the only foreign group given permission to perform in the Forbidden City. This is a great honor for them.

ImageThey'll be staying at the Grand Epoch City otherwise known as the Orchestra Village. The Grand Epoch City will serve as their Official Olympic Orchestra Village. The village is based on the old cities of Beijing and uses traditional Chinese architecture and landscaping. The village includes several hotels, a shopping area, performance and rehearsal spaces and other activities.

Here are sketches of one of their uniforms they'll be required to wear while performing.

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  1. He's going to have so much fun! He's in the red group and Chinese believe red is good luck!!

  2. Aileen,
    I was just thinking about your son and wondering when he was leaving. I'm sure this will be one of the best experiences of his lifetime.

  3. He will have a marvelous time and lots of memories to share once he gets home. I will be tuned to the TV and see if I can catch them an honor...

    will he give autographs when he gets home? heheheheh

  4. Wow! What a privilege for him to get to be part of this. He must be very talented (where would he get that from? LOL!).


  5. This will be a truly amazing experience for your son. He will remember this always. I am so proud of him and know that his family is also proud. What a thrill it would be to see him on TV. I know you will be glued to the screen. Let us know if you spot him. Aileen, you must be on cloud 9.

  6. OMG! How wonderful for him! This will be an amazing experience that he will remember the rest of his life. Looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing more photos.

  7. How cool for him (and you all too!) Congrats! :)

  8. awesome!!!! I love the photos and the email - I know this is wonderful for you as well.

  9. How fabulous for your son! absolutely a trip of a lifetime - how did he get to audition for the group? From an old band member from hs and college - Reva (Los Angeles)

  10. Ohmygosh! That is so exciting! I'll be sure to point out the band to my husband :-)

  11. How exciting! What a wonderful opportunity for your son. I will be sure to watch for the orchestra as I watch the Games.