Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blog Design Debacle!

My apologies to everyone that has tried visiting my blog in the last few days. While I was away at my son's college orientation I came home to discover the annoying image photobucket had placed on my blog. Talk about confused I had no idea why! After delving deeper into things I learned that the gal who originally designed my blog had used photobucket as the host for my blog images for the blog design.....I also discovered that she is (shock) no longer in business! so my emails went unanswered as to what to do....since the account was in her name on photobucket I was not able to rectify things but I did find a way to grab my images and banner and get them uploaded somewhere else. Unfortunately my banner is now looking out of align and funky....I don't know enough new HTML to tweak it so if anyone does please email me so I can get it looking normal again. Hey at least its viewable now right :-)

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