Monday, June 30, 2008

She Dreamed...

(click to enlarge)
I created another digital piece since I didn't have time to get my hand's dirty today! I at least was able to create something digital again using Corel's Paint Shop Pro. Someone had asked me why I like PSP....for the price you really can't go wrong with a graphics's program compared to Photoshop...I've had both and used both right now I don't have Photoshop anymore, so I'm back to using my PSP. PSP has many of the same features and capabilities as photoshop does, but PSP to me is more user friendly. They each have futures I like about them, if only I could merge them together LOL The cool thing about PSP is you can download a trial version to try so if your curious check it out.


  1. Aileen - Both of your digital pieces are gorgeous!! - Nicki

  2. I loved the first digital art you posted, but then you posted the second and I can decide which one I love more! They're so different but so inspiring. Makes me want to blow off painting the front porch today and just stay inside to play on the 'puter! LOL! - Di ;)

  3. Hi Aileen --

    Great job on your digital art, just beautiful!

    I have been getting more and more into digital art lately and I have Photoshop Elements. I don't think I'm advanced enough yet to make the beautiful, intricate pieces you just did, although I've made several postcards on it that turned out great. (Check out my SciFi one on my blog, if you'd like to see where I'm at in terms of program skill.)

    I'd love, just once, to read/watch a step-by-step on how you made one of your two new cards on Corell. I'd like to see how you approached it and what sorts of tools you used in your program to get the effects you wanted.

    Think you can post something like that in your spare time LOL???


    By the way, I link to your blog from mine and have had a couple people e-mail me and to say what a delight your blog is.

  4. You have been busy. Love this piece. You are a digital master!