Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cleaning is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you'll find...

I contemplated several titles when writing this: Anatomy of an Idea....One Thing Leads to Another...and finally settled on a Gumpisim.

Not to long ago I bought some old books on eBay....they weren't really worth anything, but I bought them because of a couple of very old chemistry books that were included in the lot. I gave them to my son who is graduating and going off to college to study chemical engineering. He loved the books, and in the process I got some old books that I could use for my art.... I paid very little for them so for me it was definitely a win-win situation.

Speaking of the books.... while I was cleaning my work atthebeach1area and trying to make sense out of my mess organizing it, I came upon a couple of the books I mentioned previously. I began thumbing through one and noticed a sweet picture that reminded me of my best friend and I, then I read the story on the page and BLING! BLING! the idea light bulb went into overdrive, especially after I noticed the cover of the book. So of course I continued organizing and cleaning my entire work area, making it something Martha Stewart would be envious of didn't waste time getting to work on my new found idea!


atthebeach3 Here's another pictures as my piece progresses...its not done, yet. I'm thinking of using a canvas turned around as a shadow box of sorts to mount it into it, so stay tuned.





jackpot The book Saga continues...again while desperately trying to procrastinate diligently cleaning I thumbed through yet another of those books and I came across a JACKPOT! in between the pages of the book were images that appear to have been cut out of magazines. It looks like they might have been cut out for someone to play paper dolls because outfits were cut out as well. Who knows how long they have been in this book they look to be from the 50s.


  1. Joanne Thieme HuffmanSun Jun 01, 07:54:00 PM 2008

    See, you were rewarded for cleaning by getting to play art and discover cool paper dolls instead of actually having to clean. That's what I call good Karma. I love the beach piece and I hope you show it to your friend. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the cut outs.


  2. Cool finds, Aileen! You have inspired me. I really need to clean up my studio. Maybe I actually do it today. Wonder what I might find?

  3. Wow! It's like you found the real prize in the cracker jacks box eh? Hmmm...sounds like you clean the same way I do! (Wanna come help me clean my studio?) I can't wait to see your finished piece!

  4. Those old book covers are so inspiring, reminds me of my childhood!
    We have a town in the U.K. that has virtually nothing but second hand book shops, Hay on Wye. You would just love it. When I go there, I have to be very carefully supervised!
    Can't wait to see your finished pieces.

  5. Aileen: I don't think I've laughed so hard while reading an artist's blog in a long time! I really enjoyed this post, it reminded me of the good times we had on your yahoo group with all the gurls. ~Anne

  6. Aileen, don't you just love it when the Cosmos sends you a little added gift. No doubt to reward you for your cleaning efforts. You are very deserving. This was a very enjoyable post.