Friday, May 02, 2008

Software Recommendation

I just have to share a software recommendation.... if your a blogger that gets frustrated because you can't get pictures uploaded and sized right and things go wonky for you check out WINDOWS LIVE WRITER and download a free copy. I've come across this software mentioned several times and finally took the time to download it (not that it took anytime at all) and loaded and I have to say its very user friendly, I'm loving it! Click the following link to read more about it and download your own copy:

A little Play time

I've been busy the last few days creating a couple of pieces just for fun...not because it was for an obligation, swap or specific purpose, but just because and man did it feel good!

(remember to click images to enlarge them)

I began the first piece by using another wood palette as my base. I gessoed it and then misted it with repeated layers of ldypaletteColor Mists using the heat gun to dry in-between layers. I then sealed it with PYM II . After it dried which is extremely quick, I drew the image and painted it in with Gouache watercolor paints and then sealed again. The bubble was cut out from the text of a book page and sealed with matte fluid acrylic and then painted with 2 coats of transparent glaze mixed with Golden's Titan Buff and once dry the wording was added using a rub-on and then sealed again. I drilled holes with the drill press and added the wire and beads.

attitude ATTITUDE is a chunky 6 x 6 canvas. I started by creating a frame around the sides and border using book pages. I then painted over that with a couple of coats of transparent glaze mixed with Golden's Titan Buff to cover up the wording just enough. After that I painted the center with acrylics and wrote into the wet paint with a rubber tip some wording, once that was dry I painted the image using gouache watercolor paints and water soluble oil pastels then sealed it with PYMII.


  1. They are both fun pieces to look at, so I can believe they were fun to create.


  2. Two wonderful, colorful, fun pieces, Aileen! I love the idea of using the palette as a hanging piece of art. And your girls are both great - you have so much talent!

  3. Ahhh...down time...yours was put to GREAT use!!!

  4. not only artistic but fun pieces! I love the way you used a palette, but also the frame with book pages catches my eye. good quote bubbles too.
    love the hair styles....heheheheeh