Sunday, May 25, 2008

Instant Replay

In honor of Memorial Day and veterans, I thought I'd post an instant replay of some past digital art I did.


I did this piece a couple of years ago for my nephew who's in the Marines. My sister had it printed and wrapped on canvas.


This is a pre picture of myself and my family (I'm the cute one in my mom's arms) this dates back to Memorial Day 1965. My father retired from the marines after over 20 years of service.


Here's the finished piece after I did my digital mojo on it ;-)


  1. Hi Aileen, Thank you for posting about the REAL reason we have a "Day Off". This whole weekend, all I have read and heard is what folks are gonna do and it is drink, eat and be stupid and say yea, I don't have to work Monday and it's a 3 day weekend to drink, etc. Well I am here to say that I understand this holiday and more folks should. I am venting, don't mean too. I will stop by and show you some journal pages I actually am making *grin* soon. Sharon

  2. Aileen, these are thoughtful and beautiful pieces and well worth posting often.