Saturday, May 10, 2008


Happy Mother's Day!

To all you mom's out there, the unsung heros! If you have a mom in your life celebrate her and enjoy the time you have and give her a big hug! I miss being able to hug my mom.

flowers My son and hubby gifted me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers they picked while out on a bike ride today. I thought my son did a great job arranging them in the vase.

Celebrate Friends...


is the theme of this wooden shadow box shrine I created. I first painted it with acrylic paints and then added paper in the backs of the cubbies.

I've been wanting to play with the wooden shadow boxes I sell on OTM and friendsshrine1finally gave myself permission to you ever do this to yourself? I'm forever telling myself that I have to do such and such first before I can play....I suppose if I didn't do this I would just play all the time and never get anything else accomplished.

friendsshrine3I knew I wanted to use the color combination that I did, I just wasn't sure what I was going to put into the cubbies, but it eventually came together as I used up things I've had.

*You should be able to click on all the pictures and enlarge them for better viewing.


  1. lovely bouquet and incredibly cool cubby house. You should give yourself permission more often!


  2. Thanks for the software recommendation. I will give it a try. Happy Mother's day to you too.
    Love all of your work

  3. What a fun piece! It looks so happy and reflects the artist. I think I need one of the wooden cubbies myself! Pretty flowers too!

  4. The shadow box is spectacular!! What a great gift idea. Thanks for the inspiration.
    chrissy bornfleth

  5. Aileen - this is wonderful! Your work is always spectacular! Happy Mother's Day! Marva

  6. What a beautiful, color box. I hope you plan on keeping it for yourself.

  7. What a beautiful bouquet! Your shadowbox is delightful. I love all the patterns and colors.

  8. It's such a lovely creation and a nice way to honor friendship!