Saturday, April 19, 2008


Check out my estate sale finds! can you say SCORE! I couldn't resist the hands I'm hoping to separate them and use them in an assemblage. I also found mini baking tins that will be perfect for shrines some brass candle cups that look like feet to me, a variety of tin snips, a rubber mallet and a antique jar of beautiful shells from Baja to name just a few of my finds!
Whens the last time you went garage sale hunting or antique shopping? I hadn't been in awhile and had forgotten how fun it is to come home with new treasures! :-)


  1. Aileen - love your treasures! I went yesterday too and have pics on my blog. Love the hands, they look so real! Marva

  2. OK, I find the hands a little creepy, too real I guess. I LOVE garage sales but haven't been in a while. My favorite finds of yours? The copper mermaid tails and like a silver retainer container. The rubber mallet works great as a sleeping pill for DH or kids...gotta sneak up though...

    Bev in Canada

  3. you DID score well with these finds!!!
    as always I am given such a treat by viewing your blog...information, inspiration!!!, and lovely views of your creations. thank you