Monday, April 14, 2008

Adventures from Asilomar #1

The weather was gorgeous yesterday; you couldn’t ask for better weather it was clear, sunny and warm for here. Asilomar would be heaven for any nature lover or outdoor person since you’re surrounded by it and have to hike from one building to another. It is not for the faint of heart or out of shape person because you have to walk all over up and down hills and steps excuse me while I try to catch my breath::gasps for air:::.

The buildings and rooms are weaved throughout the park and most are designed in the Arts and Crafts Mission style. I am staying in a little bungalow type building nestled in the trees called Stuck-Up Inn—kid you not! We’ve had good fun with that LOL as luck would have it I met an old friend who is also residing in Stuck-up Inn as well as another gal I’ve met before at another retreat. We are now known as the Stuck-up ladies LOL If your wanting luxurious amenities such as a TV and phone forget it rustic is the theme here. We have a main common/great room that has couches, tables and a fireplace and then the rooms are off that down a hall. My room is actually quite spacious I have a double bed and a single bed, wood floors and a bathroom large enough to set up an art studio if need be!! LOL.

We met in Merrill hall for a meet and greet last night after dinner and that was fun-lots of trading going on. Since I didn’t do any trades I enjoyed watching my friends rake in their bounty and boy what a haul they got! There were lots of newbies who were reluctant to trade because they’d heard of all the snobbiness surrounding trading I helped facilitate them trading if they were too shy plus doubled as their guard watching over their loot! LOL a job I was happy to do since I could look and touch everything J I’m happy to say I did not witness any snobbery people were so nice and generous and it was such fun to see so many different ideas, I’d wished I had participated of course! LOL

There was a small group of ladies that had gotten together previously to make crowns and then wore them that night and man were they cool I gleamed some good out Kris!!

Here's a few pictures:
Social Hall Fireplace
Social Hall pic 2

Looking from beach towards Asilomar grounds

Asilomar Beach

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  1. Asilomar looks very beautiful - I'll have to go one day.