Sunday, February 17, 2008

She's Baaack!!

Whoohoo my muse came to visit me today, I'm hoping she's back to stay!
I created this piece using an 8x10 corner canvas I bought awhile back. They're designed to fit in a corner to hang but I had orginal thought it would be interesting to use it backwards.

I first colored it with a combination of Color Mist colors then before they were dry I dry brushed gesso over them then dried with the heat gun and repeated it once more. I then sealed it with PYMII and dry brushed again with gesso and then used punchinella like a stencil with chalk inks then I heat set it and sealed again with PYMII.
Winter Beach

Side View

Back View


  1. That is fabulous! It is really soft and dreamy looking. I have never seen those canvases. Very cool.
    PS glad she is back :)

  2. Bee-You-Tee-Full. Glad your muse is back and she better stay put!!

  3. OMG! This is amazing. I hope you submit this to Somerset or some publication. It needs to be published. I never saw those canvases before, and leave it to you to come up with a unique use!

  4. Your Muse did a good job. This is wonderful!! I love the image and you've set it off perfectly and made great use of an interesting canvas.


  5. Aileen! You clever and talented girl!!! Again you truly amaze and inspire with another breath-takingly-beautiful masterpiece. I just love it!
    Rebecca W

  6. The frame is beautiful but I especially love your method, shading, and choices of layering on the onside. It gives so much depth that you really feel as if you're peering down into her world. Very nice!


  7. I love this, Aileen!
    What a great way to use the canvas, too ~ you rock!

  8. WOW there are so many uses for ribbion waste and this pie where you used it is awesome. How creative you are.......sooooooo yummy.

    darlene aKa HugGeR

  9. This is wonderful Aileen. Love the use of the paper tinsel. Using the back is very very cool. Your muse looks likes she back, happy and sassy!

  10. Aileen I am luving this texture! Good for you to be rekindled with your muse. Isn't it a loss when she's away? ;)

    Thank you for joining in the Pink Artist doll project. I'm adding you to our list. Please mail your square to me by March 1. Thanks so much, I'm eager to see your creation. Art on, Monica :)

  11. Aileen-this is wonderful! I have not seen a "Corner Canvas" before! I will have to look for them!

  12. Wow!!!! What an innovative idea!! I just love it! The colors are fabulous and using it backwards is really awesome! Thanks, as alwasy, for the glorious show of art!!
    Susan Chong

  13. Aileen - Your muse is very good to you. This canvas is beautiful! - Nicki

  14. WOW! First time here since the site changed, VERY nice!

    Trying to get my muse back here...I think she has been on vacation due to the Kansas Winter weather. If your is looking for a break, change of scenery, or maybe chocolate? send her my way for a day or two! pllleeeasseeee



  15. Wonderful!
    I haven't seen those canvasses. The colours are wonderful too.