Friday, December 14, 2007

My Giftee

Today is the day! well technically it isn't for me until tomorrow since I am day 1 but I can finally show you what giftess I made and their stages:

You should be able to click on the pictures to view a larger version
(please do not download the pictures).
Let me know how you like my new blog design specifically if its fitting on your monitor I'd would love to know how people are viewing it, thanks!!


  1. Oh Aileen! I can see what all the excitement is about from the recipients of these adorable gifts!! I LOVE them!! You created beautiful little bird canvas frames - the nests are so elegant and the birds are so sweet! The tiny easels are the perfect finishing touch!
    Oh, I really like your fresh new blog look - very nice!

  2. Your blog looks just perfect on my monitor. Easy to load as well.
    I love the little creations you made - brilliant!!

  3. Lucky Group 2 (of course, I'm in group 1 and we did very well on the first day, too). Hope you enjoy your surprise tomorrow.


  4. Oh love the little canvas it's perched!! on my computer!!! thanks and LOVE the new blog look!!! very fun dear!!!!!! hugs Linda

  5. oh the birds are so cute what a wonderful piece LOVE it. Love your new blog set up also. Rose G

  6. cute little bird boxes ..... we must be on the same wave length I have been doing this also but just one of not so many ..... Linda F

  7. Wowzers, won't the recipients just love these darling prizes.

  8. I like your new look!The click to enlarge didn't work for me.

    Happy Hoilday's

  9. I love those birdies! Such a great idea!