Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fairies Galore!

I've had Displaced Fairies running rampant through my house and finally I have them gathered and ready to be adopted by a brave friend of mine! I don't think she intends to keep them all but plans on share them with friends and family. I sure hope not or she may be in for more mischief then she's use to! I sure hope she's ready!

Here's another Fairy box made from a K&Company Alphabet letter box. I first painted just the top with black gesso then used rub-ons and aged it with a bit of glaze mixed with Nickle Azo acrylic paint. Once that dried I stamped with gold leafing paint.

The backside I added paper and painted black just around the edge.

I colored these fairy boxes and the house fairy box all with Color Mists and then stamped with white Gesso and then sealed them with PYMII

I used a wooden shadow box shrine for the fairy bird house below


  1. Wow, those will be family heirlooms!
    I love them.

  2. Aileen, these are absolutely incredible. Each is a treasure and each is a delight.


  3. These boxes for Vicki are fantastic! Wow, she's gonna be thrilled!

  4. The fairies are taking over! I love them!


  5. As usual Aileen, they are superb! What a wonderful and unique style you have! These are sure to be cherished!

  6. Oh my gosh Aileen! These fairies are absolutely amazing!!! I LOVE the fairies you made for me, and I have to give visiting priveledges to Carlee with the mermaid one, cuz she absolutely LOVES her, and HAS to *just hold her*. hehe.... Vicki's gonna have so much fun with these! Can't wait to see more!

  7. Catherynne @ artyfarty.wordpress.comWed Dec 05, 11:19:00 AM 2007

    Oh my! These are absolutely amazing! I wish my local craft store had such interesting pieces in their woodcrafts aisle... *sigh*

  8. Your fairies are just great. I really like the birdhouse.

  9. I just love your fairies, they are all adorable and so Pretty...Someone is going to be very thrilled to get any of those..

  10. Hi Aileen -- I love the boxes you have on your blog. Are those regular wooden boxes that you've turned on their sides and added ball feet too? I'd like to try doing something like this.

  11. Awesome Aileen!! I must send your link address to my daughter who absolutely LOVES fairies. Very beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you resolved the issue about your stolen images. I love a happy ending!! ;=)

  12. what beautiful lovely treasures here on your pages~

    I adore your canvases, I can only dream of layering like you do :)