Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chunky Shrine Canvas

Below is a shrine I had been working on I'm at the point where I feel it needs something more, but I'm not sure what but knowing my muse an idea will eventually come to mind. Scroll down to see my creative process.

10. Here's the front view, the hand is from a bird feeder that broke, I had been saving the hand for awhile now...I dry brushed the hand lightly with bronze acrylic paint. Then I added the nesting at the bottom and eggs and feathers. As I said I don't feel like the piece is done yet I'll post another picture when I finalize it.

9. Here's a side view where I've added more wire and then white washed it with white acrylic paint and gesso.

8. Here you can see I began forming a bird cage out of the wire I added.

7. After that I wrapped blackened wire around the nail at the top.

6. Here's the Front side of the Canvas you can see I've hammered a wide head short based nail into the top.

5. Here's a side view before glazing.

4. Then I glazed over the entire piece and stamped with some gesso and Krylon's gold leafing paint and then another layer of glaze.

3. This is the backside I stamped with some stazon ink and added pieces of torn decorative paper and then some molding paste around the edges of the paper, once it was dry I sanded it lightly.

2. Here I first painted it with acyclic paints and then added Modern Options Patina and a bit more acrylic paints.

1. I started with a chunky 8"x8" canvas.


  1. Your creation is fabulous!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. wow génial !!! quelle belle idée d'utiliser l'arrière d'un canvas !! vraiment j'adore !!

  3. Holey schmoley -- this is beyond words, Aileen! But if you are not satisfied with this -- I'd be happy to take it off your hands ;)

    I was starting to get bored with the patina stuff. I wondered whether it could be combined with regular collage and stamping -- and wow ... yours looks fab!

  4. Wow, the shrine is gorgeous! I love everything about it!

  5. Love this piece ... great work ... Linda F

  6. Oh Aileen, this piece really speaks to me. It ranks right up there with Aletta and her journal. It may just be my favorite piece of all your art!!!


  7. Your shrine is inventive and very artful. I think the piece can stan on its own but what if you added a bird image either a 3-d bird or one that is on illustration board (sturdy) and then adhere somewhere near the top of the piece our of the cage? Just a thought.


  8. Ooooh this is a fantastic shrine! many of my favorite elements are used... hands, eggs, nest and i think the suggestion of a bird is a good one. altho i think it is grand as it is. the layering is Beautious Aileen. thanx for sharing your idea and techniques.

  9. Aileen! Your backside is prettier than most of my front sides! LOL! I think it's gorgeous! I love the layering!

  10. This is a favourite of mine, I love everything about it, even the back and the sides! Have you done any further working on it yet?