Thursday, November 08, 2007

Art Revisited & Flopportunities

I revisited this piece "Cherish The Heart" that I started about a year ago--see previous post to view my creative process: .

I thought I had finished it but the more I kept looking at it the more I wasn't happy with it until I added added some heating and air conditioner aluminium foil tape around the edge of the canvas and then antiqued it with some black acrylic paint and then wiped it off it gave it a soldered look. I also added another heart and some wings.

A Flopportunity is Born!
Below is a Shrine I made from a 6x6 chunky canvas. I originally had the canvas sitting on a shelf partially done....I had cut out the center and folded back the canvas and glued it with some gel medium. I first had envisioned a window but wasn't sure what to put in it so there it sat on my shelf. I also had the tin shrine a friend gave me sitting on my work table but I was stuck with what to do to it then I realized that the back of the shrine might just fit perfectly in the opening of the canvas I had cut, sure enough it was a perfect fit! I antiqued it using my Color Mists by repeatedly adding layers and drying them with the heat gun then I lightly went over it with some glaze and acrylic paints. I used layers of the following Golden's acrylic colors: Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold , Quinacridone Magenta , and Dioxazine Purple. I also used those colors on the tin, chain , crown and key to give them an aged look.


  1. wow c'est beau !!!!! J'adore !!! quel talent tu as !

  2. GORGEOUS! The wings are tres cool.!!
    You are such an amazing creator my dear!

  3. OH MY GOSH. These are FABULOUS!!!!

  4. WOW! Absolutely fantastic!! I love the colors and the composition, and, and, EVERYTHING!
    How did you get the heart on there? Is it metal or faux metal? Did you place that on the canvas first and then cut or place over the window??
    As I always say, Aileen, TRULY INSPIRATIONAL!!!!!
    Susan Chong

  5. Super heart shrine .... love the wings also .... Linda F

  6. these are beautiful and you continue to be my hero. great job!

  7. These two works of art are beautiful, Aileen!! I love the serendipity of how everything came together!
    I would love to know how you did the wings - is it a rubber stamp?
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. wow I love it Aileen. That heart is awesome. I love how you did the heart and the background is so yummy. The Flopportunity shrine is awesome too. Well done. HUgz, Scary

  9. This is absolutely awesome!!!!!!!

  10. Aileen, this is absolutely beautiful. You are so creative and so good at listening to your muse.


  11. This is truly a masterpiece. Love it, love it, love it!

  12. Wowza! did this ever turn out cool. A GREAT PIECE, my dear.


  13. Aileen, both pieces are so beautiful!!! Love what you did to the heart piece, it's a great addition! And your shrine is amazingly sparkly...I can only imagine it in person!!!

  14. Flopportunity Schmopportunity! I wish the stuff I struggled and agonized over looked have this good! It's Gorgeous! (I'm gonna try that trick of putting something away anf then coming back!)
    Thanks for the great blow by blow description too! It so helps to envision the process of artists I admire!

  15. Absolutely stunning pieces. You are a great source of inspiration!

  16. Hi Ai!! Today was great. Had so much fun. I noticed the shrine while at your house and then failed to take a closer look - darn it all.

    Check out the front page at Yahoo group. Happy smiling faces will greet you there.


  17. Hi Aileen, "Flopportunity!" that's a RIOT. A great word and a STUNNING outcome. Both pieces are a treasure and you've certainly inspired us today! - vicki xo

  18. I love your cherish the heart picture, great work!