Monday, October 29, 2007

Carved Pumpkins and more

Here's a piece just's nice to create something that isn't for a swap for a change. I painted a Masonite board with some Golden's paints then stamped into it while it was still wet with some interference paint and a foam stamp then once that was dry I stamped with a different stamp design using gold interference paint. I then added the other elements once it was dry.

For a friend

Herm and Ethel enjoying the high life while they share a pumpkin ale!
At least they left us some pumpkins in trade for the pumpkin ale.


  1. Aileen masonite board look really cool ... love the way the interference stuff looks ..... Linda F

  2. The bird on masonite is very cool; I love the image, the texture and the depth of the piece. I hope Herm and Ethel enjoy the beer; maybe it will put a little meat on their bones.

  3. Doug and I were wondering if Herm and Ethel are free Friday night? We are going to try out that new bar downtown....

  4. Aileen, your blog so ROCKS! I've been so nosey snooping about all your sites and art! Your crowns are the BOMB! I really loved the masonite board! I've got boxes of cabinet face samples 8x10, that you have finally inspired me to use!

  5. I'm trying to catch up!
    1. The crowns you made ROCK! They are so unique. 2. Your sister's cast bling is gorgeous. 3. The bird/journey collage is fabulous!