Tuesday, September 04, 2007


In keeping with my theme of trying to stay cool I did some Mermaid paintings this weekend...Hey it must be working it's only suppose to be 91 today whoo-hoo!!

I've never actually had a drawing class and know there's a lot I don't know yet, but I keep practicing and this time around I can actually see improvement, hey wonders never cease! I'll tell you originally the book that helped me the most was the following book By Linda Ravenscroft:

In the beginning it was easier for me to try and draw fantasy because then I didn't feel like it had to be perfect. Since then I have practiced drawing from looking at catalogs. I was okay if I had something to look at to draw but didn't feel comfortable drawing from my own imagination. This time around I'm pleased to say I drew both of the mermaid paintings from my imagination which to me is a big deal, I feel like I over came a block I had. I confess I've always been a little envious and in awe of people who could pop a drawing out of their head!

Both of the mermaid pieces were done on 8x10 cold press watercolor paper....I used Color Mists with a brush for the backgrounds and then used gouache paints for the actual mermaids and then went over it with pens to give detail. What I love about using Color Mists is that they have a shimmer to them like you'd expect to find on a mermaid or fish scales, unfortunately the scans never do the shimmer justice and just does not pick it up but for those of you that have used Color Mists, you know what I'm talking about :-)

Below you can see my before and then after I turned them into cards using photoshop and adding some text and borders:

So the moral of my rantings is to keep practicing, it will come :-)


  1. Aileen these are absolutely beautiful! How great that you let yourself create so freely and came out with something so wonderful. I am proud of you!

  2. Aileen-these are FABULOUS!!!! I am in awe!

  3. Great work Aileen. You just keep outdoing yourself with every creation.

  4. Aileen,

    Your mermaids are adorable!


  5. I love your mermaids, Aileen....what a milestone for your art...can't wait to see what comes next!!!

  6. Your mermaids are wonderful. And, I'm glad you used Photoshop to turn them into cards, becasuse everyone will want one.

  7. These are wonderful, no classes? Wow! I love the hair and the lips. You should see my painting. . . or lack thereof! You should be proud.

  8. Aileen,
    I love your mermaids and believe you to be a very talented artist. Thank you for sharing and I'd be proud to display them!!
    Mary Lou

  9. You did a Fabulous job! I would love to learn to draw. I am most challenged at drawing and doodling. Love everything you do! Thanks again for being an inspiration to me.

  10. wow these are amazing dear!!! I just love the faces and the colors you are using!!! very lovely!!! Hugs Linda

  11. Your mermaids are beautiful!!
    So rich in detail and vibrant colors! I always enjoy your art but these are just spectacular!

  12. Aileen, I LOVE your mermaid cards. They are fantastic. I need buy that book as my drawing skills are not so great. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Wow Aileen! These are beautiful! You do people, I mean mermaids way better than me! Marva

  14. Aileen, Wow! Beautiful mermaids. Yes, I know what you mean about the shimmer. I especially love the hair -- looks likes it really flowing with the water. I have that book, and I love it too.

  15. Zowie!!!!!
    I just love these!! The hair is especially awesome......they really have a "swimming" feeling about them..... just beautiful!!
    Susan Chong

  16. Aileen, I admire your courage to step out and try something new. You have inspired me to try drawing too. Thanks!

  17. Aileen, these are beautiful. Sweetie you definitely have the gift. Every creation is a masterpiece.
    Aileen, I could use your help a few things please.
    Cindy Gillespie

  18. miOh wow -- how did I miss these fab mermaids? These are terrific, Aileen. I can totally see these in one of those illustrated childrens books!