Sunday, July 01, 2007


No you didn't take a wrong click LOL I've made changes yet again! Come on in!Although, I liked the last banner it didn't feel quite like me, a little too cutesy for my taste and kept feeling like I was visiting someone else's blog. I made the new banner using art backgrounds I've made in the past and some of my artwork. I'm hecka frustrated not being able to customize things the way I'd really like to, but for now this will have to do....that is until I get the urge to change the furniture around again *grin*

I'm not sure what this new look says about me but it certainly feels more comfortable and at home. Does that mean I'm in a rut and afraid of change? I'd like to think not but we do have a tendency to lean towards what were familiar with.


  1. très belle nouvelle bannière avec des couleurs qui vous ressemblent !

  2. The new banner is fun and has a lot of personality - just like you. But, then,'re Wonder Woman.