Sunday, June 03, 2007

Well after looking at this piece with fresh eyes this morning I just wasn't' happy with it and felt it was missing something so I added my usual shading using a charcoal gray water soluble oil pastel then working it in with my finger (I first sealed the image with Microglaze from I also added some white accents with a white sailor pen. Now I feel like it's done....this was one of those times that going back I think helped but I have had other times where I should have left well enough alone. (Scroll to the next post to see what it looked like before). Now that I'm happy with it I've sealed the complete card with PYMII (if you haven't used it I highly recommend reading about it and trying it out, its well worth the $!)


  1. Aileen, I certainly didn't see anything wrong with it before, but it really does POP more now, so your revisions were well done. But, I agree with you about not knowing when to modify and when to leave things alone.

  2. Oh yeah -- it really POPs now! Way cool!

  3. Oh this is great what a fun image you used!!! great piece!!! Hugs Linda