Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Many thanks to everyone that has left comments and given me feedback on my new blog look...I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment...keep checking back because I'm still not satisfied and will be tweaking it more ;-)

I was on roll today and actually made few pieces of art and a charm....two of which are not done so you'll have to wait on the pictures for those, but here's a card I did as a surprise for someone. I used a Vintage bingo card, image and Color Mists:

Click to enlarge


  1. Aileen, as always the color mists make a great background. And, that's a great image. Very cool piece.

  2. Totally love the new look Ai. I just got back from Quanah's wedding and our vacation in Oregon. Please stop by for a visit. Lots of goodies posted.

  3. I've been using your color mist for my backgrounds in Tracey's calendar for this month. They turned out so wonderful. I love that stuff. I also love your new blog. Very cheeful.