Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Like my new look? Bare with me I'm still tweaking things as I figure them out so keep checking back for the first of many changes until I get things to where I'm happy with it...right now I'm not, but I feel good that I got this far :-)

Here's some Precious Metal Charms (PMC) charms I made last week during an Art Party with my Peeps! I stamped using part of Kristy's new For The Birds stamp sheet from http://www.timetostamp.com/ . After I antiqued them with Liver of Sulphur

Here's a picture of myself and my Art Peeps!

Digital Scrap Art compliments of Traci Sims

From left to right: My sister Kathleen, Myself, Lora, Bev and Kris.

It was Bev's much belated birthday celebration! Here is her cigar box shrine Kris and I collaborated on for some reason through all the commotion I did not get an inside picture taken darn it!

What a great picture of Kris and Bev
and the yummy cake!


  1. wow! What a surprise when I came to check out your blog. I love the lively banner. Your pmc charms are wonderful. What a great looking bunch of artists you and your "peeps" are! It's all good.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun. The charms are great. The one with the cut-out face is the center is especially interesting!


  3. Love the banner, it really lifts the blog - and your group of peeps looks really happy


  4. What a great picture of you and your art peeps. The cake looks yummy. It's so nice to put a face to names. Thanks for sharing. Her gift looks really cool.