Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beauty comes in all forms....

Check out my beautiful bloomin' bathtub...

...and the treasures my hubby and son brought home to me from the antique tractor show they went to...yes they are all beauties to me!

A wonderfully rusted folding rule (I stand corrected, it is not called a ruler but a rule I learn something new everyday :-), and 4 rusted cast iron faucet handles!!

Can you just see all the endless possibilities?


  1. You can make great charms from that old ruler! Did you know Michael DeMeng has a book coming out about making art from rusty things? I'm waiting anxiously for it - although I don't have any 'rusty things' myself, LOL.

  2. How cool is that?! You have a husband that brings you treasures like this!


  3. Aileen, The bathtub looks absoltely beautiful. And, I'm jealous that your family brings you treasures.

  4. Wow, Ai, your men really know you. Fab bathtub.

  5. I really love both views of beauty! There is so much you can do with those lovely presents from your family. I can't wait to see what you use them for! :)

  6. Don't be offended please, but:
    You should never call it a "folding ruler." The proper name is a "rule."

    I know because I collect them and have all the ones from my family passed down since the 1800's. :))

    You have a love "rule."

  7. I love your tub full of flowers. That is just too cool. You have your family well trained I see. Great finds.

  8. I can honestly say that is the most beautiful bathtub I have ever seen!
    You Rule.

  9. It is ALL so wonderful!!!

    Beth M :)

  10. A blooming bathtub - I WANT ONE!!! Everyone should have one - nez pas! Your husband and son are treaures. I too am blessed with amazing support from my family. It really does mean alot! You continue to be an inspiration for living an artful life, thank you for that. I don't often comment, but read about your doings on the ArtTech group.
    Happy Spring! ~*~ Patty in VA

  11. OH, I'm so totally envious of these amazing treasures! I love, love, love those faucet handles! What a find! Can't wait to see what you make with them!